Coastal Sussex Cottages

The Sussex coast is an idyllic destination for your next holiday. Whether you are looking for a beach vacation that epitomises the sun, sea, bucket and spade type of holiday, or the kind of break where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the coastline taking in the views and breathing in the fresh sea air, booking a property on the Sussex coastline will give you the best of both worlds.

On a hot summers day Sussex beaches are simply stunning. When the sun shines and the sea sparkles, on a clear day you can just about spot France across the channel. Combien doux! There is nothing quite like eating an ice cream just before it melts down the cone on Brighton beach, but a trip to one of the more secluded coastal areas such as one of the bays near Chichester with a beach blanket and a good book can be just as enjoyable.

In cooler months the coast changes dramatically. Still just as vibrant as it is in the summer months the Sussex seaside becomes quieter, which is the perfect time to wrap up nice and warm don your wellies and enjoy having the coastline to yourself! The views are just as lovely in winter as they are in summer. Take a flask of something hot with you, find a serene spot to sit, and reflect in the peace and tranquility around you. It's just perfect!

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